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My choices of fabric hark back to my days as a member of an African drum and dance ensemble in Boston and from a subsequent trip to Ghana. On that trip, my drum and dance mentor, Godwin Agbeli, took me to a “tie and dye” factory, where I witnessed their batik techniques, in which traditional West African symbols were stamped onto fabric with wax, before the fabric was dropped into huge vats of indigo dye. The same dye ran in streams throughout that suburb of Accra.

I have loved the bold batiks since then, but have also found that the Indonesian batiks temper the African ones when I feel the need.



© 2005 Winnsome Quilts


godwinGodwin Agbeli(detail), 2004


geckoGeckos (detail), 2002

batsLobster Boat Coming (detail), 2002

drums and sticksDrums and Sticks (detail), 2003

Pineapple 101  (detail), 2004